Sunday, December 7, 2014

A few photos.

I have followed the journey of so many adoptive families. It always did my heart good during our adoption to hear the stories from decision to the adoption being completed! Some days though, I just needed to see photographs of beautiful brown skin Ugandan kids happy with their new families.

I'd like to do some video of my kids too.
If you have any questions for any of our kids (or Matt and I), please feel free to comment or email me. I think this would be a good way for all of us to talk about things and hear what people want to know! 

These are for you future parents of children from this beautiful nation.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

John is 6!

John's birthday was one of our first seconds. He turned 6 mid November :)
On his birthday last year, we were swimming at a lodge in northern Uganda!

This is his first celebration with Williams as his last name and his first surrounded by his new family.

 A superhero. A mini muscle man. A cuddler.  A cutie. An artist.

His smile has charmed many... including this momma.

 He loves to eat and is always willing to try new things.
Spicy food? Not a problem. He's tough.

 He is stoic. 
Emotional and physical pain don't show on his brave face.
Our dentist was amazed!

 He loves a story with hero and can spew off Marvel facts as if he has been watching the movies for years. His current favorite hero is Falcon.

When he gets excited (like when he got this bike!) his Ugandan accent is so strong you have to have him repeat his joyful thanks multiple times... The first two times to understand him and all the repeats past that because his voice is so darn cute.

The name John Terry was passed to him from his grandfather in Uganda.
John means "God is gracious."
Terry means "powerful." 
My prayer for him is that he realizes the grace that Jesus has shown him and that he draws his strength and power from the Lord.

Happy 6th Birthday!!


For those that don't know, John has struggled to make deep connections.
The pain and loss he has survived in his short life has caused him to not respond to situations the same way a typical 6 year old does.

It is one thing to read in books about these types of things, but it is another to love someone who must fight to love you back and chooses not to fight for that often. BUT.

But I trust that the more of God's word he hears... the more love he feels from his core family and extended family... the more times he messes up and I react with grace and calm (pray for me about this)... the more he realizes that we aren't going anywhere...

That notes like this will show up on my kitchen counter more often. 


That note, my friends, is a huge leap forward. Many steps back have happened since.
It doesn't matter though.
 I have this piece of paper that his hands stuffed into an envelope just for me. 

He has grown. 
Both emotionally and physically. 
I am thankful for this time to sit here and reflect back on what the Lord has done for him...
 on what the Lord has done for us!!!

This fit over his hand a year ago!