Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Titus is 6!

Titus' Birthday

Titus turned six at the end of January! He's my baby.... my really big baby :)


A gentlemen. A rough and tough boy. A boy with a heart softened by God.

He can take a joke! His sister gave him an empty egg carton and had been teasing him all day that this would be his only gift :) 

He loves to look good. Hats. Bow ties. Freshly combed hair.

He likes to get a rise out of people, but will turn around and give you the most sincere 
compliment you have ever received!

Titus really enjoys Lego bricks, super heroes, and playing the Wii U...
Just don't beat him. He doesn't take that well ;)

Nathaniel Titus ... "Gift of God" "Saved"
We are so thankful for God's gift of this boy and that He has not only saved his life, but saved Titus' soul. This year, at 5, Titus accepted the Lord has His Savior! 

My prayer for him this year is that he grows closer to the Lord and that his heart continues to be soft toward the lost. 

Happy Birthday my big 6 year old!