Our Adoption

Who, What, Where, When, How, and, most importantly, WHY... I know. That's not in the right order.

Who are we?

We are the Williams family. God started this family by bringing together two crazy-in-love teens 15 years ago. Just two years later, when Matt was 19 and I was 17, we made it official in front of God, family, and friends. We had discussed having 1 or 2 kids and were blessed early on. One year and one month after the vows, the first of three beautiful little girls came. Her name is Trinity... 2.5 years later the blessing of Emma... 3 years later the blessing of Azriel. At this point, Matt was for sure we were done having biological children. The adoption talks began. Less than two years after the third girl came the first boy arrived. His name is Titus. So, seriously now, we are ready to grow our family through God's current plan for us... Adoption of a sibling group!

What is the plan?

Didn't you read the end of "Who are we?" Adoption is plan! Though I have never heard God speak to me the way I hear people speak to me, He spoke to my heart. He is good. He is faithful. He didn't place this desire in me without placing this desire in Matt. What we are doing is following the path that God has placed before us no matter where it leads!

Where are we going?

We are going to Uganda. To find Uganda on a map, first you find Africa. Then the big lake (Lake Victoria) on the eastern half in the middle of this great continent. Uganda is called the Pearl of Africa. Some of the history you may know about Uganda may have come from the movie "The Last King of Scotland" or maybe the documentary about stopping Kony and the LRA. You can check out this link to find out more. Though the country is beautiful, the beautiful and caring people are what make it, in my mind, the Pearl. Unfortunately, it is also has a large population of children without homes due to sickness, malnutrition, and poverty. Here are some orphan statistics for those people like me who like to see the numbers. That is the heart breaking part.

When will we go?

As soon as possible! We are filling out paperwork, getting fingerprinted, raising funds, writing checks, and doing whatever they tell us to do to get our children home. Check out the adoption timeline for more on where we are in the process.

How are we doing this?

We are fully relying on Him. It is by and through God's love, strength, and grace and the support of His people.


Simply. God said to. I have so many things I want to put here. I want to list all the scriptures that talk about orphans and how God calls us each to care for them. I want to quote the speakers who have talked about how adopting is living out the gospel in front of the world. I could type up paragraph after paragraph of statistics about the millions of children that need homes. BUT. But, honestly, the central reason is He personally broke my heart for them. I look at the children sitting around my table at meals and I think. I think about how if Matt and I weren't here that I would hope someone would sacrifice to take them in... together. I look and see the empty seats, the empty beds, the extra food, the fun we have, the love we share, the grandparents and family they are surrounded with... I see that God gave us more than we need or could ever ask for. Not so that we can simply enjoy it. He gave it to us to give back to Him. To use it for His glory. To bless all those He has brought into my life. As I was struggling to fully commit to international adoption and then to Africa and then to Uganda, I came across a video on someones blog. It was called Depraved Indifference... and hit me. Hard. If that was one of my children... hungry, lonely, heartbroken... wouldn't I do anything and everything I could to get to them?!? Each one of those children is God's child. Are we not to be His body reaching out to care for them in their time of need! It no longer mattered what it was going to cost our family to bring them home. God paid the ultimate cost to bring me home. He gave it all up for me. How could I not do the same and go when He says go.
Depraved Indifference – Eric Ludy from Heart Chronicles on Vimeo.

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  1. We have started the adoption process and I just love this video!