Adoption Timeline

2/5/2014        Home :)
2/4/2014        IR-4 Visas
1/30/2014      Paperwork arrives to the correct office!
1/29/2014      Matt is back with the boys in Uganda
1/24/2014      Our hard copy approval was signed for at the US Embassy in Kampala
1/22/2014      Call from Field Director in Nairobi to tell us the boys will get visas! 
1/16/2014      Mailed RE: RFE to Nairobi USCIS
1/3/2014        Woke up to an email with a Request for Evidence (RFE)... Thanking the Lord they looked at our file!
12/23/2013    File arrives in Kenya
12/14/2013     Matt heads home without boys
12/11/2013     Embassy Interview is not "clearly approvable" (NCA) and file is sent to USCIS Nairobi.
12/9/2013      Embassy filing and IOM results
12/6/2013      Passports and IOM appt.
11/26/2013    Written Ruling and Guardianship Order!
11/21/2013    Start Passport Process
11/18/2013    Verbal Ruling is favorable!
11/8/2013      Court
11/6/2013      First hugs day!
11/5/2013      Travel ($9,000)
11/4/2013      Court Date Received ($10,500) Court on the 8th
10/8/2013      Affidavit to Uganda (received by lawyer on the 11th)
10/7/2013      Commit to Isaac and John!
10/5/2013      Margaret, Joel, and Kenneth go home to their village.
9/7/2013        Submit Dossier to Uganda
9/17/2013      I-717H Approval letter.
9/10/2013      Fingerprint Appointment in Alexandria
8/8/2013        I600A Mailed ($890)  PAID IN FULL
8/7/2013        Homestudy Approved ($10,500)   PAID IN FULL
7/17/2013      3rd Homestudy meeting ($600)     PAID IN FULL
6/21/2013      Passport Appointment ($330)    PAID IN FULL
6/17/2013      2nd Homestudy ($600)     PAID IN FULL
5/28/2013      Paperwork rush begins for Homestudy and Dossier
5/27/2013      Commit to Miss M, Mr. J, and Mr. K in UGANDA! ($1500)   PAID IN FULL
5/18/2013      See their picture for the first time!
5/16/2013      1st Homestudy meeting ($800)     PAID IN FULL
5/9/2013        Decide to start the adoption process... finally


  1. lord willing, we are preparing to travel to uganda for court for our adoption, would you be willing to visit with me about your experience? my email is i would really appreciate it, thank you so much!

  2. Hi Desiree,

    My name is Ellie. It looks like you have your hands absolutely full, what a blessing! You may not have time, but I am in the same boat that you were just a few short months ago. Today our visa application for our two girls (sisters) was sent to Nairobi for further review. As you can understand, we are heartbroken and feel as if we've been left in the dark. We're having a hard time understanding what "further evidence" will look like and could use some guidance if you're willing to offer any. My email address is Thank you so much.