Saturday, May 9, 2015

One more birthday post before I talk about the deep stuff.


Over the last 12 months for birthdays, I have posted multiple photos and a little about each kiddo, including their name meanings, starting with Azriel. The year before that I took special pictures of each of the kids on their birthday. This time around I'm not sure what to do different so I'll just post a few photos.


Azriel is 8!

A special photo of her and Gigi.

Opening gifts with the family and all of her grandparents.

Her chocolate and strawberry cake.

Homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Ozobot. One of the science-ey gifts she asked for. She also got Snap Circuits.

Azriel is my tenderhearted girl. Yesterday, before she left for DC with Dad and her sisters, she was in tears because she was leaving. She loves this family with her whole heart.


Emma is 11!
Emma has been taking lessons on PaPa's old guitar,  
but now she has her own!

Visiting with Ben and Jessa on her birthday weekend after a 2.5 hour wait!

Candles in her cookie dough dip. She had that and root beer floats.

Who can resist licking the candle?

She passed down the guitar and is now teaching Azriel.
My kids rock!

Emma is my mini me. She looks and acts like her mom. We like to call ourselves "passionate" because we put all of our emotions in to our actions and decisions. I'm so proud of the young woman she is becoming.

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