Thursday, October 10, 2013

In tenderness.

In Tenderness (He sought me) was written in the late 1800s, but still rings 100% true today. It talks of God seeking us and carrying us and bringing us back. We used a modern version of this hymn by The Citizens for our Give1Save1 (give $1, help bring home 1 orphan) video because, if you think about it, it is God's adoption story of us!

Oh, the love that sought me!
Oh, the blood that bought me!
Oh, the grace that brought me to the fold of God

Today, my heart is focused two lines of one verse.

With all adoring wonder
His blessings I retrace

When I think of the word wonder, I think of it in terms of "I wonder why that happened?" Not just good or just bad, but more of an emotional moment of surprise. That is exactly how I have been feeling. Emotionally surprised.

I adore Him, I do, but sometimes His plans make me lay face down in wonder. I look at all that has unfolded in the last 5 days. We learned that the children we had been praying so very hard for were back in their original family. Praise God! It was hard. For sure. What a blessing for them though and for us that we had the privilege to pray for them earnestly for the last 4 months and will always have a connection with them! On the same day, we were sent photos of four more groups of waiting siblings from the same orphanage. Matt and I questioned whether we even wanted to look right away. Our hearts were still so sore. Matt decided that God had brought us to the place of being paper ready for a couple of waiting kids... and they had waited long enough.

We opened the first set and, honestly, we could have stopped right there. Isaac and John. Grins on their faces. Looking like the African versions of my cousins. Then, we read their birthdays to find out their ages. It was Isaac's birthday. The day we lost one referral. The day we received their photo. The day we opened up our hearts to the set of boys God had placed before us. Isaac's birthday. 

His blessings I retrace. 

We asked question after question to make sure this was the sibling group God had for us. Each answer confirmed it more. These "paper ready" boys now had a "paper ready" family. How paper ready you ask? WE GOT THE AFFIDAVIT TUESDAY! The last of all the information we need to stand before the court will be in Uganda to our lawyer by the close of the business day on Friday. We now are just waiting on our court date to book our flights. CRAZY!

Please be praying with us that God would go before us and close doors, open doors, lead us through cracks in the walls, etc. We need some prayer warriors folks!!

Our children.

Trinity - in reference to The Trinity. God three-in-one.
Emma - short for Emmanuel. God is with us.
Azriel - God is my aid.
Isaac - Laughter. The promised offspring of Abraham and Sarah.
John - God is gracious.
Nathaniel "Titus" - God has given"defender"

Look at all those good biblical names. Makes this mamma's heart smile and adore in wonder as I retrace all the blessings He has given to me.


A few days left to be a part of our Give1Save1 week!!!!

Skip the soda at your next meal. Donate that $1 at the above link. Watch our video. Pray for us as we seek to bring home Isaac and John. Spread the word!!


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