Tuesday, December 17, 2013

52 days

It's been 52 days since I last posted on the blog. I spent 33 of those outside the USA in the beautiful country of Uganda.

We woke up on the 24th of October to an email. This email was one we had hoped for, but didn't really expect until early 2014. The subject line was simply "Court" and I could barely contain my excitement.

Rashid wants to know if you can be there by wed night ... see below

"The judge wants to hear 2 or 3 families this week Thursday or Friday... My puzzle is it appears too close for families to get here by Wednesday night"

I checked flights. We could.
I called Matt. He said let's go.
I emailed our agency. I sent a message to Kara.

"WAKE UP!!!!!!!

Come to Uganda with us!!!"

I knew who I wanted to be family number 2!

We booked flights and left the next afternoon after LOTS of tears with the four children that we must leave here (in the amazing care of their grandparents!) Trinity, Emma, Azriel, and Titus... our children with hearts saddened by us leaving, but so excited to know that we would be coming home with their brothers.

The two boys that became our sons... our sons... were tucked in bed asleep at the guest house when we arrived. The stories we have that got us from then to now. The people we met and became extended family with. The joys. The pains. The rejoicing. The sobbing.  The two boys that became our sons, but haven't been able to come home with us yet! Words cannot express accurately my hearts condition.

My hope is to sit down and tell you the highs and lows. To give each of you the opportunity to walk in the shoes we walked in for the last 6 weeks. Today though... today I'm asking for your prayers. For our sons in Uganda. For our daughters and our son here. For us. As the rest of the world continues to move while our world seems to be standing still. As we attempt to keep moving too... pray for us.

I have cried many tears in the comfort of my home. I have cried out in anger that this was not my plan. I have cried for my Father to fix this. He has heard each one of my cries. I trust Him. He did not leave them orphans. He brought us to them. He can bring them home.

Here is a link to our Both Hands Project video. Thank you Jason for getting this done while we were gone!


You can still give tax deductible donations to help us bring them home! With the added round trip airline expense and more, we will have to incur another close to $4,000 in expenses!

Here is a video of us being featured on CBS6 Richmond by Mark Holmberg. I am so thankful for their coverage of our story and other adopting families in the Richmond area. You guys rock!!




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