Friday, March 28, 2014

My youngest daughter...

Azriel is sweet, wild, rough, smart, and so very special! 

Her name means "God is my Help" or "help of God" and it fits her.

In the last seven years, she has helped save her brother's life and survived two peanut allergy reactions.

Azriel loves to sing songs about her Savior and she is great at memorizing the Word!

She goes all in and fully commits to what she is doing. When learning to read sounded like to much work, you couldn't get her to budge, but when she decided she wanted to, she blew through the first McGuffey.

Azriel will tell you what's on her heart and mind! 

She was our most outspoken fundraiser for the adoption. She would ask for spare change, tell you about our soap to sell, or remind you it was only $10 for a puzzle piece.

She wrestles with boys and puts on nail polish with the girls.

She has a strong personality, but don't let that fool you... she's a softy!

We are so very thankful God blessed us with her! 

Happy Birthday!!

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