Thursday, April 3, 2014

To the young man whose heart desires to one day marry my daughter...

I think of you often.

Each day, her father and I try to prepare her for you and protect her for you. We study God's word. We do family devotions. We are careful about the media she views. I am teaching her how to run a home, how to be an independent learner, how to teach, and how to plan and prepare meals. Her daddy is showing her love, concern, care, and affection. He also makes sure she sees how much he cares for me. She'll expect no less from you and she'll adore you back!

I don't know how you have handled or plan to handle your "love life," but we tend to be a little old fashioned in our home. Courtship is the plan. That does not mean at all that we are arranging her marriage. It does mean that she wants us to be a part of the decision to help protect her heart for the man that God wants her to wait for... you. We hope you are doing the same! Even if you haven't done that in the past, it's okay. Start fresh today.

Work hard. Study hard. Play hard. We like to give our all and appreciate those around us who do the same. Draw close to her heavenly Father. When the time comes, get to know her earthly father. Pray for her. Write her letters on those days when you are bummed that you aren't in a relationship because you are waiting for her. I'll encourage her to do the same. This path to marriage isn't a typical one, but I am confident God will bless you both through it.

Our daughter is beautiful. I'm sure you'll notice. Her attire is modest and that's on purpose too. You'll thank us later. We pray you have many years to enjoy one another physically so we ask you to refrain even from what most would consider the small things until your married. The line you draw that you both refuse to cross will be something that no one will be able to take from you. This is your time to build a friendship and draw closer to the Lord together. What better foundation could you ask for!

Know this... you are being prayed for right now! We are excited to meet you and love you as our son!

Till then,

Your future wife's momma

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