Saturday, April 12, 2014

A heart for the Lord. A heart for Uganda.

All of Azriel's presents for her 7th birthday involved the family and that showed her heart for us. A concert for all of us. Walkie talkies for all of us. It was so special and I am so proud of her. Now, It's Emma's turn.

Emma turns 10 in just 5 days. I don't know what most 10 year olds are asking to receive for their birthdays, but I know my girl is peculiar in her request... and that is just the way I like it.

Emma wants just three things. She wants a sleepover with two of her friends so they can bake a cake together. She has requested a poker night with her Gramps. She wants to sponsor a little girl in Uganda!!

There are TONS of sponsorship programs. Most of them are outstanding. It would have been hard for me to point her toward a specific organization if God hadn't placed one right in front of our faces.

On the plane ride home from Uganda when Matt was finally able to bring Isaac and John home, he met Kris. I don't know how their conversation went. I know they talked about her adoption and Uganda and our Ugandan adoption of our sons and her Ugandan daughter and on and on. Then, thankfully, she connected with me on Facebook. Those of you who know me know that this is the best way to get to know me. I'm not one to strike up a conversation on an airplane like my husband does, but I can social media with the best of them! A simple friend request has become a friendship. A common love for the same children and people. A desire to help the least of these through adoption, BUT not just through adoption. Kris is also the Associate Field Director with Deaf Child Hope International and helps finds sponsors for children at Boanerges Deaf Initiative in Uganda. I knew JUST who to contact when Emma made the decision to sponsor a child instead of getting "things" for her birthday!!

Today, I contacted Kris to see if there were any girls 9 or younger available to sponsor (Emma's criteria.) Very quickly she responded back with a little girls picture. She's maybe 5 or 6 and only been at the school since January. She is quiet, withdrawn, and had no language at all when she arrived at BDI, but is slowly opening up and learning to sign. Her name is Allen (pronounce eye-lean) and she is the girl that Emma has committed to sponsoring. Her photos will grace the walls of Emma's room. Emma's hope is that one day, Lord willing, that she will be able to visit Uganda, the country that stole her heart, to meet Allen, the little girl God has placed on her heart.

It is going to cost Emma (remember... she's 10!) $360 to sponsor Allen for a year. She has $120 from us in lieu of her presents. So, she needs to raise $240 more to cover food, medical, and school for a full 12 months. We know God will show up big to provide!

Updated total... Emma now has $255! Only $105 to go!!
Praise Him!

UPDATE #2... Fully funded in less than TWO DAYS!!!!

If you want to help Emma with her sponsorship, you can donate through our Paypal link above!

If you or one of your children would like to sponsor a child at BDI, you can email Kris! Find her contact information HERE.

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