Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mom's Day

I'll be celebrating my 12th Mother's Day today. Yes, Trinity is only eleven... I count the prego one too :)  I have never been much for celebrating, well, any day that a greeting card company pushes, but this year is going to be different.
This year I have listened to moms speak of children no longer here. I have heard to often the struggle of ladies who are already moms in their hearts without a child to hold.  I've watched daughters watch moms not regain health and others hit the milestone of mom being gone a year. I can't imagine.
This year I have also seen moms celebrate the pregnancy and birth of children that surpass the normal two kids we are supposed to want.  I've watched as moms welcome with open arms children into their lives that come with physical and emotional struggles. I've been privileged enough to sit back and see the love moms show even in times of discipline or when they feel absolutely terrible. Moms are amazing.
I'm so blessed to be the momma to Trinity, Emma, Azriel, and Titus! Beyond measure I tell you!! After four kids, I still don't need a day to celebrate motherhood, but I'll take it and use it as a launching point to be a better mom.
I'm going to...
1) Spend more time with the Lord and pray He helps me become a little quieter and a lot kinder. 
2) Hold onto my husband and each one of my children a little longer.
3) Hug my Mom and Dad each time I see them.
4) Let God guide each step as our family grows through adoption ... starting with interviewing an agency on Thursday.
Yep! You read right. I'm not very nice and I don't slow down and hug enough ;)

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