Monday, May 27, 2013

Stepping out.

It's been a week since Matt said he felt led to pray over the possibility of adopting a specific sibling group of three. He said he just knew when he saw her with the two boys, but then he said to wait. Being the patient person I am, this didn't bother me at all. <sarcasm>  This morning it took everything in me to not ask Matt for an answer the minute we woke up. Titus joined us very shortly after our eyes opened. He began attacking us with a mix of love and boy aggression. After one of the many times that wild boy came in and left, Matt said something along the lines of 'he needs his brothers'... his brothers. That was my answer and I was overjoyed!!

Our daughter and two sons are now waiting for us in Uganda!

While typing up this post just an hour after emailing that we had decided, I got an email from the agency that works directly with the orphanage stating, "The children are already reserved for you." Reserved. For us. I keep reading it again and again... reserved for you.

Now begins the stepping out of our comfort zone. Loving our children, the bios and the ones waiting to come home, is not uncomfortable. The paperwork (I am not typically an organized person), the fundraising (I don't like to ask for help), the check writing (will the money be there?), the language barrier (Lugandan??), the emotional issues (They are orphans. PTSD, RAD, etc.) ... those kind of things are my stormy waters, but I believe He is out there watching me nervously step overboard. I have faith in Him. Stepping out is all I can do now.

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