Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Doctor who?

I know we had a doctor before this new doctor, but I've moved past the bad experience because I can see now why God was moving us away from there.

At the advice and recommendation of quite a few friends, we switched offices to a practice that is over 30 minutes away from our home. The specific doctor that was recommended would be a few months out for an appointment, but the new doctor at the practice was available within a few weeks. Since we have children waiting on us in Uganda, we chose the new doc... and I am so glad we did!

Azriel and Titus had their physicals for the homestudy this afternoon. The wait was long. The patience of the children was worn. They only had enough TB to do the test on one kid. It wasn't perfect for sure, but our new doctor and the nurse were outstanding. Here is the major "God is in this" sighting... She and her husband are African. She is from Ghana! AND she said adoption is close to her heart and was so excited to be the one that will be the doctor for all of our children!

God is good all the time...

Let me hear you finish it!

Fundraising update. 50 of 500 pieces sponsored... 3 jars collected... We are blessed. :)

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