Tuesday, January 7, 2014


November 18-22

It was a crazy few days in Uganda. We woke early and got ready so that we could leave and head into town. It was time to get the passport photos for the boys. They were both wearing red polo shirts. Isaac looked at the camera with a blank stare and our silly John Terry looked like he had seen a ghost in his photo. I couldn't believe how many small photos we would need of the boys to get through this process. While waiting for the them to print, I went down to a lady with a copy machine at the entrance to a shady restaurant/"lounge" with our friend/guide and Jamin (glad he was with us!) We had to cross streets full of cars and boda bodas (motorbikes) that do not slow down for people at all. I cannot imagine going through the file on my own. So. Many. Papers. So. Many. Copies. By the time we got back to the photo place, the pictures were just about ready.

All the necessary paperwork, photos, & money were dropped off by our amazing friend at the passport office while we sat down at CafĂ© Java to eat lunch. Burgers. Milkshakes. Fries. Cake behind glass. It wasn't America, but it was as close as we were going to get. I enjoyed my bottled water, a few sips of coke, and a couple of fries while watching the boys eat fried plantains and little "hot pockets" of meat. Matt, of course, had a burger.

After we had lunch, the ladies left the gents in the bus with all the kids. It is the most comfortable I have ever felt in a city. Armed guards and private security hired by the buildings and malls keep everyone aware of following rules. I got to really experience Uganda that day! Weaving in and out of the hectic traffic. Boda bodas & taxis everywhere. Crossing streets within inches of moving vehicles. Products and produce lining the sides. Hundreds of specialty shops. We went fabric shopping for dresses to wear to a traditional wedding later in the week. Yes, I, Desiree, went fabric shopping. It was fun! I let my Ugandan friend pick because she has to "walk in with" us "mzungus." We bought jewelry. The seamstress measured us and haggled prices and argued with us on the style :) 4 hours after leaving the men on the bus, we returned. So many things I could add!

Photo from right before the wedding.

At was at this point where we were beginning to implement our normal parenting. We were seeing them push boundaries and mumble and not answer questions and not say yes sir or mam. At this point in the process, we thought we would be home in 3 weeks. I wanted them to be secure in the fact that we love them enough to guide their choices and correct them when they are disobeying. Thankfully, we have a very Ugandan style of parenting so they transitioned well!

This all happened right at the end of our first two weeks. The two weeks went by faster than what I expected. We were still staying very busy at this point, but not so busy that we didn't miss our four waiting at home like crazy. Having the ability (sometimes) to Skype and Vox made it a little easier. I was constantly amazed at how well the kids were doing with my mom and Matt's mom. They really pulled it off like pros.... almost like they had had young kids at some point in their lives!


During all this craziness, we visited the orphanage... but I just can't add that to this post. Next time.

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