Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dossier, Back to (Home)school, and 13 years of Marriage

The Dossier and a REALLY big check was sent out and arrived safely in NM yesterday!

For those that have not put this lovely packet of paperwork together, I'll fill you in on the fun...

  1. Original Home Study
  2. Copy of marriage certificate
  3. Copy of adoptive parents birth certificates
  4. Original physicals signed by the doctor
  5. Original police and FBI checks
  6. Proof of financial stability (taxes/bank statements) 
  7. Pictures of family, major rooms in the house, exterior of home, and yard
  8. Copy of photo page of passports
  9. I-171H (We didn't have this, but will send it off as soon as we do!)

We also sent off the paperwork for our home equity loan too. Once we get that, then we will only need to raise about $10,000 to cover the rest of our expenses. Not that we don't hope to raise more, but God knows every dime we need. No need to worry! :)

Back to (Home)School was last week!

There were lots of tears, frustration, and raised voices unfortunately... and then there was the kids' reaction! We love school. Really. We do. It still is hard to "go back" to that routine after taking the summer off and that's why we normally do it year around. This summer, with all the adoption stuff and gym stuff and house stuff, we took a break from the formal education part and just had fun.

This week is going much better. Yes, it is only Tuesday. Yes, I am being optimistic. No, I don't need a reality check. Our list are being checked off before dinner and in some cases before lunch. We are listening to The Hobbit as we eat and imagining each scene. Children are curled up with kindles reading while others are doing solution problems and geometry. It is sooooo nice! I'm trying to plan and then still be flexible knowing that hopefully SOON the number of kids to teach will be increased by 3.

13 years of Marriage were completed and celebrated in the Williams' house on the 19th!

Not to brag, but I have the most amazing husband. Ever. No really. E-v-e-r. He can be sarcastic and lack the seriousness that I sometimes think I need want, but his ability to make me smile, the kids smile, and just plain brighten our days when he is at home is fantastic. He is willing to set aside those things that he desires to follow God's plan even he doesn't completely understand it. I could go on and on (ask any of my close friends!)

I think you would have told me way back when what our life would be like now, I would have laughed, been shocked, and then probably gotten mad. This was not my plan.

"You will be a stay-at-home mom who home schools your four children while you care for one more. Plus, you are waiting to bring home three from Uganda. You still live in Mechanicsville, but you own goats, chickens, quail, rabbits, and just one small/medium dog."

No way. I wanted to run a company while my two kids went to school and played sports just like I did. I wanted to live in the country in North Carolina. I wanted to take cool vacations like a safari in Africa. I wanted to what I thought was the American Dream... minus the white fence.

I'm thankful that God not only knew what I needed, but He placed the desire in me to go and do these crazy things that are the complete opposite of what I would have chosen... and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

The top left is a few crafts the girls made for us for our anniversary. 
The top right is a globe that Emma bought for us at a yard sale.
The bottom left is a puzzle that Trinity made for us with cute instructions that include "Hug when finished."
The bottom right is us.

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