Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Empty Seats

Ever since we purchased an additional table for our dining room, the empty seats have been filled only sporadically. Sometimes for just an evening when family or friends stop by for a meal. Sometimes for a full day when our kids have friends over. Sometimes when our missionary friends from Ireland stay for a week or so. Their absence this morning brought on the statement by Trinity that our house is now too quiet. I agree.

We like the seats filled and our home full of laughter, the noise of children running around, and the echoes of conversation. In fact, as I type this 6 children roam the hallways trying to find a hidden flashlight while the "Gorgon" tries to catch them and one more sits by my side. They soon after plan to head outside and make a movie featuring our goats. I love the madness of it all and I try to enjoy each minute, but...

But I have sent a large portion of my heart and mind half way around the world and 7 hours ahead. Three of my children didn't get a big hug this morning before settling in to a big breakfast around our table. Three of my children didn't get a kiss goodbye before their Daddy went off to Snap Fitness for the day. Three of my children are so far away that I can't peek in on them to see if they are okay. I can't hold them when they feel alone. I can't pick them up to comfort them when they fall down. They don't get to relax in the security of our family. They are missing out on the fun of our summer break. Three of my children are heading to bed right now yet another night without their parents tucking them in with bedtime prayers. And it hurts. 

I read somewhere that being pregnant is so very different from being in the midst of adoption. At first this statement bothered me. I get it now. I don't get to carry Margaret, Joel, and Kenneth around and feel them kick and move so that I know that they are okay. I can't make sure they are getting the proper nutrition their growing bodies need. I don't have a "due date". I just continue to fill out paperwork, fund raise, wait, and, most importantly, pray for those empty seats to be filled as soon as possible.

Today, our "Empty Seat" family photo and our story were featured in the local paper. In fact, some of you reading this may be at our blog for the very first time because of that article! We have been humbled to see so many people step forward, pray for us, and walk this journey with us. I encourage you to check out our adoption story and fundraisers (including a link to the Kids Karnival and Yard Sale this Saturday the 10th!!) for more about who we are and how you can make a difference in the life of a few orphans. 

Have you adopted? Do you have some advice? A word of encouragement? Something you would like to share with us?  I'd love to hear from you! 

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