Monday, August 26, 2013


"Ssatu" is three in Luganda. I couldn't find "list", but I'm trying to learn a little. 

List #3 (21 to 30)

My Homestead List

1.    Ten gallons of water to fill,
2.    Nine times minimum saying "good morning... get moving",
3.    Eight neighbors tolerating,
4.    Seven chickens laying,
5.    Six rabbits for eating,
6.    Five sets of hands helping,
7.    Four quails egg making,
8.    Three girls a-milking,
9.    Two dairy goats,
10.  And one big backyard to keep them all in.

I'm a dork. Yep. That probably took more effort than it was worth! :)


We hit 50 shirts and $300 raised already with the t-shirts!
People are starting to use the link to buy. Yay :)
I am doing three grant applications TODAY. Pray for my brain!
I am doing three or four batches of soap this week.
We have Ugandan Vanilla Extract for sale!
264 Puzzle pieces are sponsored! (Picture to follow soooon)

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