Saturday, August 10, 2013


I wanted to write this last night while the day was fresh on my mind, but since I had no power, I curled up in bed and slept beside Azriel.

Saturday was the Dinomite Daycare Gives Back: Yardsale & Karnival for Kids. What an amazing blessing this event was to our family! I'm not talking about the money either. Though the over $900 before we even attempt to do a second sale in Mechanicsville is amazing, Stephanie, her family, my family, all the friends, & the community that came, showed me that we are surrounded by people who care about us and the lonely children all over the world! People sacrificed their time and energy to share their abilities and money for the children who came for and the ones who are coming home soon. One day, with my friend's permission, I hope to share the story of how two high school friends and basketball teammates reconnected after 15+ years that led to a major connection of our families and this past Saturday's carnival. It's totally a God thing!

Have you ever heard that saying... When Satan gets to my name on the list, I don't want him to check no threat ? I love it, but sometimes I wish getting the threat check didn't mean attacks. I'm blogging on my phone because we have no power. We have no power because after the yard sale/carnival a storm (a major one apparently! ) came through Mechanicsville before we even got home. Trees down. Carport leaning and with part of a massive branch through and crumpling it. Roof dented and leaking from another huge branch. Power lines pulled down between the house and garage. Pool area is a disaster. But.

We are safe. Our neighbors had a branch crash through into their master bedroom without injury. Friends had limbs down but no major damage. My parents had a roof leak and limbs down. All fixable. Praise God.

For those that know me well, my response to situations like this tends to be calculated on the outside with anger, frustration, and tears or yelling lurking right below the surface. Not so much yesterday. God has and is blessing us more than we deserve or could ask for. Free publicity in the papers. No rain at the morning event. People showed up and bought stuff. Two families checked on our house and animals before we got home. Did I mention we are all safe? Family and friends showed up to help clean up and many more offered! Parents brought us hot food for dinner. When our generator wouldn't start, friends showed up to help and when it still wouldn't start other friends and our neighbors offered their generators so we wouldn't lose all our food. Family and friends invited us into their homes. Side note. Wonder if they'll do that when it's nine of us? ;) Our church family is fixing our generator at church. Praise God!

While cleaning out the pool. Before these offers of kindness. Before I knew if we'd be able to stay home and save our food. While thinking about the cost to fix the storm damage. Feet and body exhausted from a day starting at 5am. I walked around inside the pool fully dressed in the clothes I'd worn to the carnival while trying to get the branches and leaves and debris out because somebody needed to do it. I wanted to fuss at someone. I wanted to yell that my kids weren't working hard enough to help. But God allowed my heart and then my mouth to sing instead.

Thank you oh my Father...For giving us your Son... and leaving your Spirit... til the work on earth is done. 

How long since I had heard that song by Keith Green? I couldn't say. In fact I sang it slightly different as I stirred up and scooped out the junk from the pool bottom. But singing that over and over and over reminded me that He had already provided everything I'll ever need. Himself. 

There is a redeemer. 

The carnival and yardsale.
our home

When I crawled in bed, the words of the song had been stolen away from my mind. I could not remember the tune. I knew the artist. I knew it was thanking Him. I used the little bit of battery on my phone left to find the lyrics. I knew if I forgot that quickly that God wanted me to remember.  

How else do I know He wanted me to remember? 

He gave me the first item for our memorial box. A stretched out but not broken caribeaner keychain I stepped on in the pool while singing. Good is good to me. 

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